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Important Fact # 1:

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"Wearing removable dental appliances that only replace the crowns of the teeth (and not the roots) causes the loss of bone volume in the jaw," says All On 4 specialist in Pearland, Dr. Wayne Brueggen. "This is why dentures that used to fit well become increasingly loose and uncomfortable with time. By replacing the roots of the teeth, All-On-4 dental implants help to maintain the health of Pearland residents' jaws, preventing bone loss. Remember, the longer you wear dentures for, the more accelerated the bone loss--- and eventually the success of any treatment option will be doubtful."

Important Fact # 2:

After a period of five years, only four out of 10 Pearland patients are wearing the denture that was originally made for them. The remaining 60% have had to have their dentures refitted because of the changing shape of their jawbones caused by atrophication," explains All On Four implant dentist in Pearland, Dr. Brueggen. "This says very little about value for money and overall utility, which is why dentists always recommend dental implants. Even if you are still wearing your original denture, you're still losing valuable bone volume."

Important Fact # 3:

Half of the patients who wear a partial removable denture say that they eat better and more comfortably without their replacement teeth! The point of wearing dentures is to help you eat, speak and smile with confidence. If 50% of patients take their dentures out to eat, what does this say about their quality as a solution to missing teeth? Very little. All On 4 dental implant specialists in Pearland can provide patients with new teeth that function like natural teeth and feel comfortable, too.

Important Fact # 4:

After wearing partial dentures for a period of eight years, 40% of the natural teeth used to provide support for the denture had to be extracted because of decay or physical damage. "Replacement teeth that rely on natural teeth for support and stability frequently end up causing irreparable damage, resulting in further tooth loss," explains All On Four specialist in Pearland, Dr. Brueggen. "Dental implants are freestanding and function independently of the neighboring natural teeth. This spares them from trauma."

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About Pearland, Texas

Pearland is a city situated in the Gulf Coast region of Texas in the United States. Spanning over 47.5 square miles, Pearland saw a significant spike in population over the years with an estimated population of 91,252 inhabitants by the year 2010 (according to the 2010 U.S. census). Pearland's name was derived from an abundance of pear trees, although the main source of income and economic growth was, in fact, figs. In its early days, in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Pearland was advertised to the settlers as a place with extremely fertile land in an effort to get them to relocate to the town. As part of the advertising scheme, multiple fruit trees were planted leading to the city's fruity nature.

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