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All On 4 Implants on South Houston Blvd. – A permanent solution for full mouth tooth loss
The "All On 4" is a dental implant protocol recommended by South Houston implant dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen, for the treatment of patients who have either already lost all of their natural teeth or are on the verge of doing so. This breakthrough technique was innovated by Dr. Paulo Malo in the early 1990's and has since gone on to provide comprehensive tooth loss solutions for tens of thousands of patients around the world. Dr. Brueggen mastered the "All On 4" under the tutelage of Dr. Malo himself.

The key features the All On Four offers South Houston residents include:

All on 4 South Houston

1: Avoids the Need for Bone Grafting

This constitutes an important breakthrough in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation as it eliminates many months of recovery as well as the need to undergo an invasive, painful and expensive procedure. Through the strategic orientation of only four dental implants, South Houston dentist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen is able to provide patients with a new set of fixed (non-removable) teeth in just one day with a single appointment. Even patients who have lost a lot of bone volume over the years can be considered candidates for the "All On 4" and won't need to wait as long as 18 months to get new teeth.

2: Has a High Success Rate

Studies have shown that the All On 4 offers South Houston residents a fantastic success rate of +95% over a period of 10 years. This means that after 10 years, 95% of patients' new teeth are still in great working condition and will continue to serve them for many years to come. The small incidence of implant failure is typically a result of poor post-operative care, leading to infection and/or the recurrence of gum disease.

All on4 implants bellaire

3: High Aesthetics and Functionality

"The fixed acrylic bridge attached to a patient's implants is carefully custom made in our on-site laboratory in South Houston to closely resemble a complete set of natural teeth," says All On 4 dental implants specialist, Dr. Brueggen. "These authentic-looking teeth are also able to facilitate a strong and natural bite, enabling patients to eat all the foods they love, but haven't been able to manage with removable dentures."

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To schedule a consultation with experienced All On Four specialist in South Houston, Dr. Brueggen, you can call the Brueggen Dental Implant Center at 1-800-615-5818. Alternatively, you can leave your details with us by filling out the Contact Form on our website. Appointments can be arranged Monday through Thursday from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

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About South Houston, Texas

South Houston is a city in Harris County, Texas. In 1907, the settlement Dumont was established and in 1913 it was incorporated into the city of South Houston. Due to the incorporation in 1913, South Houston was not included in the city limits of Houston, and as such, stands as a city in itself. Bordered by Houston and Pasadena, South Houston has a population of 16,983 people according to the 2010 U.S census. Due to its small population and the fact that it is situated so close to the thriving city of Houston, there are not many attractions in South Houston. However, nearby attractions include the San Jacinto Battleground, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and the Hobby Airport.

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