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Dental implants offer Clear Lake residents a wonderful and incredibly beneficial alternative to traditional removable dentures. Tooth loss is a common problem in the United States and until recently, dentures were the dental technology most Clear Lake residents opted for to enable them to eat, speak and smile. With the introduction of the "All-On-4" dental implant technique, however, patients were given an alternative that offered a much greater and more sophisticated suite of tooth replacement benefits.

Benefits of Dental Implants over Dentures

"First and foremost, dental implants provide Clear Lake residents with new teeth that aren't removable. They function like natural teeth and so are fixed in the mouth," explains implant dentist Dr. Wayne Brueggen. Being non-removable means that many of the traditional challenges associated with dentures are eliminated. These include:

Dentures Clear Lake

  • Sore, irritated gums,
  • Painful oral sores,
  • The need to buy anesthetic ointments,
  • Discomfort when eating and speaking,
  • Fear of your teeth falling out,
  • An annoying clicking noise when you speak,
  • The need to remove your teeth for cleaning,
  • Removing your teeth at night.

"Dental implants provide fixed support for a customized dental bridge, which, as a result, doesn't need to be bulky as is the case with removable dentures, which rely on their mass to prevent them from slipping around and falling out, explains Dr. Brueggen." This eliminates the following problems:

  • Unnatural smile aesthetics,
  • General oral discomfort,
  • Difficulty tasting food and sensing nuances in temperature and texture,
  • Triggered gag reflex.

"One of the greatest benefits of implant-supported teeth is that they help to keep the underlying jawbone stimulated and healthy. This prevents bone loss and the many associated problems," explains Dr. Brueggen. "Dentures can't offer Clear Lake residents the same health benefits as implants and, in the long run, lead to premature aging and a weakened bite strength."

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Officially established in 1963, Clear Lake City is a master-planned community that's main economic infrastructure rests on the presence of NASA and Petrochemical industries. The city saw a large spike in population in the 1970's when the number of inhabitants leapt from 3,785 people in 1963 to 16,000 by 1975 (according to the U.S. census bureau) and has the largest concentration of Asian Americans in Greater Houston. Clear Lake's major attraction is the Johnson Space Center, where visitors are able to experience and learn about the multiple aspects of space travel and could even enjoy a lunch with an astronaut.

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