Dental Implants and Bone Loss - Houston, TX
Bone needs to be stimulated to maintain its structure and integrity. Missing teeth cause an acceleration of bone loss. Without intervention the jawbone begins to melt away.

What is the problem with bone loss?

  • Increase risk of jaw fractures
  • Premature aging - shortening of length between the nose and the chin
  • Dentures no longer fit

How do implants help?

  • Dental implants stimulate the bone
  • Prevent further bone loss & encourage new growth

If you wear dentures or are you missing teeth, please watch this video.

CT Scan of Pamela's Upper Arch
The bone is as thin as a knife blade

She spent over $20,000 on bridge work alone!
*Waiting too long after losing teeth can make getting implants extremely difficult.

Because she waited too long, there is no bone left to place implants and the bone is deginerating so quickly that in 2 years, she won't even be able to wear an upper denture.

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Experience Matters

How many implants has your dentist placed? Do they know what to do if there is a complication?

Put your health and your mouth in the hands of North America's leading implantologist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen.

Dr. Brueggen has placed over 100,000 implants and completed over 3000 full mouth restorations.


Dentures don't stop bone loss!

If you wear a denture or a partial, the answer is clear. Dental implants that are expertly placed and maintained can last a lifetime. Dental implants will help stimulate new bone growth, improve your appearance and your health!

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Bone Grafting

*Implants may still be possilbe with hip bone grafts, but this process is both expensive and time consuming.

New Permanent Teeth Cost of Implants